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Dave Wyssen

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Life experiences are vital in acquiring knowledge, quite often those experiences are through challenges. My experiences are a difficult childhood, Gov Services, PTSD, divorce and difficulties with living a regular life. Accomplishments are surviving on my own as a kid, surviving years of service, how to control PTSD, finding new love and getting to find enjoyment in regular life. Out of all this and so much more, I built my knowledge on a few skills that I had a passion for. Taking time with studies and life experiences I got my certifications and started helping where I could. Over time I would get told by so many friends that I communicate with situations so well, I should make this a service. So here I am with this business to find what works for you. Be it for getting in shape to tackle the day, build confidence, tackle a trauma, conquer a fear, prep for a job or just relax. Let's work together to find your interests and make your goals happen.

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