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Rescue Fit Adventures
Rescue Fit Adventures

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RescueFit Adventures

RescueFit Adventures

RescueFit AdventuresRescueFit AdventuresRescueFit Adventures

Mental and Physical Training for self development or trauma

What RescueFit Adentuers is about


RescueFit Adventures is a certified professional private training site to find what gets you motivated. A place to get back on your feet and make your goals happen. Be it getting in shape, preparing for a high stress job or dealing with trauma. I do this by identifying each persons unique needs for physical and mental building. Studies are just beginning to understand how important mental training is. It's time to make the move, you deserve it. 

Your Coach


The not so average trainer is something I stand by. My history ranges from Canadian Armed Forces, Search and Rescue, Security Services and Mental Care. Years of service and life experiences have helped me develop a passion for helping others. Click button for more.

Custom Gym and meditation area

Private Custom Gym


The lower half of the house has been rebuilt with a custom touch for training in multiple areas of fitness. This will be the primary location for training with the option to go outside if one would like. Equipment from Stall Bars, Peg Boards, Climbing Course, Heavy Bag with New tech to track your skills, Matted "cleaned after every appointment" floor, and basic equipment for training. This way I can play the music you like and run the temperature for type of class that is active.

From Your Own Home


          With the Skype classes you can learn how to use your home equipment while getting the direction of a trainer in your own home. Also meditation and self training can be done in the way you need right in the moment. Training options for Skype is meditation, home equipment use, physical relation to mental health and high stress job preparation.

take care of you

Get your free consult and see how this is for you. Go over your ideas with professional guidance to get the results you want.

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RescueFit Adventures

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